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  • Space Diva
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  • Peter Ernst
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  • Before You Go
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  • Peter Ernst
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  • Troubles End
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  • Peter Ernst
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Peter Ernst is a true artist whose canvas is filled with talent: a tasteful blend of Rock N Roll and roots-based Country music that is sweet to the ears and uplifting to the soul. The songs are positive and fresh. Perhaps the term “Roots Rock” best suits the music that Peter Ernst creates. It is early in 2018, and Peter Ernst has three new songs available with more to be released soon.

In today’s musical landscape, music all too often feels overly-digitized and computerized. When you have an opportunity to hear real people performing live music with real instruments, it truly is an art to behold. Peter is a newcomer to the active music scene. Playing as a duo or full band, his performances are energetic, fun and full of emotions.

Working with Bill Bell in Toronto as his producer put the right sound and energy to his music. Lou Pomantis keyboard arrangements also added a rootsy and powerful element to his compositions. He is surrounded  by an awesome team which shows throughout his songs and performances.


















Bill Bell             Producer, Musical Director 2018

Lou Pomanti       Keyboard Arrangements

Tina Ernst          Vocal Arrangements + Co-Writer

Sylvain Vallee     Producer 2017 Album

Sumail Dhillon    Social Media

Jared Putnam     New Parallel Productions, Video, Social Media

Luke Parnaby      General Assistant


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Management / pernst714@gmail.com
Booking / 1 250 314 4508

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